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Y&HOW Sustainability Workshops

The Y&HOW Workshops feature local experts who provide topic specific strategies, tips and tools to live a more sustainable lifestyle and support a healthier planet. The free, virtual series provides an informal format to learn and engage with others with a lively Q&A at the end of each session.

Salty About Food Waste with Chef Susan Taves – April 5, 2023

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More than one-third of available food in the United States is tossed aside, ending up in landfills or as uneaten waste. We can take steps to avoid this at home and with community programs and policies.

Everything You Should Know About Electric Vehicles w/ Ms. Alisha Lopez - Jan 4, 2023

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Electric Vehicles are well-positioned to become a hot commodity, and there are a growing number of choices on the market. Join to learn why EVs are an important part of mitigating climate change, and how to become an informed EV buyer, owner, and operator.

Mental Health and Hurricane Disasters with Dr. Charles Benight - Dec 7, 2022

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Dr. Benight offers insights on human resilience to trauma, including disasters like hurricanes, and provides guidance on when and where to seek professional help or assist others with finding it.

Foodscaping for Beginners in South Florida w/ Ms. Kamila Perez - November 2, 2022

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Learn how to make your average landscape beds into sustainable food sources. This one-hour talk will focus on mixing the native edible plants of South Florida with vegetables, herbs, and common ornamentals to create a Florida Friendly design that is beautiful, functional, and sustainable.

Own Your Power with Clifford Mitchem -March 2, 2022

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Own Your Power provides an overview of the reason it makes sense to go solar and what the process of purchasing and installing solar panels entails.

Recycling Right with Dawn McCormick - February 2, 2022

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While the closing of the China market in 2018 caused challenges in the recycling industry, domestic markets have expanded and recycling has bounced back stronger than ever. Recycling Right, however, remains a priority to keep recycling both environmentally and economically sustainable. Learn how to do your part to Recycle Right.

Agriculture in Collier County with Jessica Ryals - January 6, 2022

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Agriculture is big (and small) business in Collier County. Learn about the importance of this industry in our community and where to purchase local foods from local producers. Supporting Florida agriculture is a sure way to reduce climate impacts, support our economy, and incorporate more fresh foods into your diet.

Where the Green Grass Grows with Kamila Perez - December 8, 2021

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Water quality and quantity are hot topics in Southwest Florida. This presentation highlights the water challenges facing us locally and emphasizes simple changes that each of us can make to protect our water for the future.

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