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2707, 2021

Plant Food is Good Food

July 27th, 2021|

The food we eat is a matter where health and environmental sustainability converge. That’s because food production contributes approximately one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions, with the livestock sector responsible [...]

1305, 2021

Highlights from the SWFL Climate Summit

May 13th, 2021|

Southwest Florida is moving forward on objectively assessing challenges posed by a changing climate, and how to socialize topics of climate preparedness and resilience among our residents and business.  May [...]

1903, 2021

Springing Forward in 2021

March 19th, 2021|

Photo Credit Erin Williams Photography April is typically a busy month for sustainability, climate initiatives, and professionals, with Earth Day celebrated on April 22, the Spring King Tides occurring between [...]

1603, 2021

Improving the Commuter Experience

March 16th, 2021|

COVID resulted in approximately 30% of the workforce working from home on a daily basis, and another 25% of workers telecommuting at least occasionally. Most workers don’t miss the time [...]

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