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climate resilience

Amendments Risk Increased Density on Sanibel & Captiva Islands

In July, we wrote about proposed controversial amendments to Lee County’s Land Development Code. Land Development Codes (LDCs) are regulations that govern land use and property

Find Peace in Nature with Forest Bathing

When people think of forests, they may envision stands of trees such as maple, pine, spruce, or fir typically found up north. But Southwest Florida

Soaring Temps Put Reefs at Risk

Summer’s skyrocketing temperatures have disrupted communities around the world, fueling unprecedented wildfires, storm events, and health concerns.  Beyond the shoreline, temperatures are also soaring. In
climate resilience

Is Heat the New Hot Message?

By Dr. Ana Puszkin-Chevlin   For more than a decade, the perils of climate change in Florida have been discussed in terms of increased hurricane

CSRM Feasibility Study update July 26, 2023

The US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) held the first, much anticipated, public virtual monthly meeting on July 26 offering updates on the Coastal Storm

Cruising Toward Net-Zero?

By Dr. Ana Puszkin- Chevlin   Exploring the climate impacts of summer vacation plans is timely, as summer is the high season for travel.   Over
climate resilience

Crops & Climate

By Bridget Washburn   Known as home to the Indy 500 car race and for its temperamental basketball coaches, Indiana also features expansive fields of

Sustainable San Francisco

By Dr. Ana Puszkin-Chevlin   San Francisco’s public image has been battered in the past year. Headlines describing encampments of unhoused people and rising petty
climate resilience

Climate in a Summer of Extremes

The temperature broke 110 degrees for 19 straight days in Arizona. In California, temperatures came close to meeting the 130 degrees Fahrenheit record reached only
climate resilience

Make the Most of Summer 2023!

In the Sunshine State, July brings steamy weather and frequent downpours. While our friends and families up north relish being outdoors, Southwest Florida year-rounders must
alternative meat

Would You Eat 3-D Printed Meat?

Growing Climate Solutions, as our name implies, aims to spotlight solutions we can adopt to reduce greenhouse gas (GhG) emissions and increase resiliency. Food production,
climate resilience

Questionable Changes to Captiva Land Development Code

On Tuesday, June 20, senior staff from Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation delivered testimony to the Lee County Board of County Commissioners regarding proposed controversial amendments

Addressing Pervasive Plastics

From clothing to furniture, grocery packaging to fishing nets, plastic permeates nearly every aspect of today’s society. The average American uses 156 plastic bottles a year, which

Money Makes the World Go ‘Round

The Cabaret tune “Money Makes the World Goes ‘Round” is cynically evoked to explain environmental maleficence, but it can alternatively be applied to achieving sweeping
climate resilience

Its June! Go Green & Celebrate Blue

The weeks after Earth Day take on a quiet, pre-summer calm.  Seasonal residents head north, students leave town, and we wind down programming and exhale.
climate resilience

Southwest Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Area in the Works

Attracting more than 46 million visitors worldwide, America’s national wildlife refuges enhance local economies across the country, generating $2.4 billion per year and supporting more
climate resilience

Emerging Technologies Support Our Blue Planet

On June 8th, take a moment to appreciate the ocean – it’s World Oceans Day – an annual event established at the 1992 Global Forum

Our Comments to the Corps

The US Army Corps of Engineers restarted the coastal vulnerability risk assessment for Collier County in April. They are accepting input from the public and

Earth Day, Month & More

After months of editing, the SWFL Climate and Community Summit Outcomes report was released on April 11th. Summit attendees were provided a link to the

Waste Not, Want Not

Watch “Salty About Food Waste” Here
climate resilience

Collier Coastal Storm Risk Managment Study

Attn: The Army Corps of Engineers has extended the first period of public comment until June 7th.   We encourage Collier citizens to EMAIL THE

More CO2, More Poison Ivy?

Climate change skeptics allude to the benefits of high CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, speculating that it will make some crops grow robustly. While higher
climate resilience

Spring Into Climate Action

January’s Climate and Community Summit is long in the rearview, however much of March has been spent crafting and putting the final touches on the
climate resilience

Research Findings from Hurricane Ian Shared at Coastal and Heartland National Estuary Partnership Climate Summit

The Coastal and Heartland National Estuary Partnership held its 3rd Annual Climate Summit at Collaboratory in Ft. Myers in mid-March.  The two-day event allowed climate

Where is Florida on ESG?

In August 2022 Governor Ron DeSantis, along with fellow Trustees of the State Board of Administration, passed a resolution directing Florida’s fund managers to invest

Candidates on Climate: With the Election on the Horizon, Keep Climate a Priority

In mid-February, Nikki Haley, the Republican former governor of South Carolina, entered the 2024 presidential race. In a poll of 1,500 Republican voters, 11 percent

Mayors Weigh-in on Climate Actions

The 2022 Inflation Reduction Act allocates $370 billion in funding to tackle climate change – creating new opportunities for local governments and elected officials to

A New Era for Tequila?

February 22 is National Margarita Day, so as you sip your salt-rimmed glass poolside, below is some food (or drink!) for thought.   As a

Go Green, Save Green with Electric Vehicles

The transportation sector accounts for about one-third of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, so transitioning from traditional, gas-fueled vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs)

Participate in Important Resilience Research!

The University of South Florida and affiliated researchers, including faculty at FGCU, are studying household responses to hurricane information and evacuation decisions, particularly regarding Hurricane

New Solar Co-op: Join SWFL SUN!

Nonprofit group Solar United Neighbors (SUN) announced the launch of the SWFL 2023 Solar Co-op on January 17 during the SWFL Climate & Community Summit. 

Growing Community Engagement

On January 17, two hundred and fifty community members – comprised of a rare blend of business and civic leaders, residents, and public officials –

Growing Collaboration in 2023

We welcome the New Year as a time of fresh beginnings and with renewed optimism in the fortitude and resilience of the SWFL community.  We

On the Table: Alt-Meat

According to Paul Hawken’s book Drawdown, reforming food production systems, reducing food waste, and relying more on a plant-based diet are among the top ways

Looking Forward to a Bright Season Ahead

Embracing the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season, Growing Climate Solutions is wrapping up loose ends after joining the Southwest Florida Community in cleanup,

The Inflation Reduction Act Can Help Make Rebuilding Efforts More Energy Efficient

As our region cleans up debris and begins the process of repairing homes and replacing damaged appliances, homeowners might consider delaying some repairs until the

Growing Resilience – One Yard at a Time

  Sprucing up the landscaping of a wind and water-damaged yard for the holidays may seem daunting, especially if you’ve lost old trees or plants

We’re All in it Together: Bringing Community to the Table

  The Climate & Community Summit was rapidly approaching on October 6th when Hurricane Ian slammed us, upending the lives of our residents, the livelihood

Too Hot to Handle?

The arrival of fall promises cooler, more comfortable days, but the summer’s unprecedented wave of record-breaking temperatures left a searing impression on communities around the

Leave Behind Outdated Assumptions to Support a Healthier Climate

Assumption 1: Every home needs a big, green lawn   NASA reports that more surface area is devoted to lawns than to any other single

2022 Southwest Florida Climate Survey in a Nutshell

  The 2018 Naples Daily News headline “Hurricane Irma a wake-up call on climate change for many Southwest Floridians” was a catalyst for initiating Growing

Gearing Up for the October 6th Climate & Community Summit

  Mark October 6th on your calendars! Growing Climate Solutions, a member of the Climate and Community Initiative, hopes to see you at the Hyatt

Curbing the EPA’s authority means states and cities must up their game

By Dr. Ana Puszkin-Chevlin   The Supreme Court’s ruling limiting the EPA’s ability to regulate greenhouse gas emissions was a devastating setback to the United

The Carbon CREW Project – Changing Behavior is Easier Together

What can sustainability champions learn from Weight Watchers? The high success rate seen at Weight Watcher’s is in large part due to the support, encouragement, and camaraderie created at group meetings where clients

Stepping Up School Sustainability

    With just weeks left to cherish summer’s slower pace, Going-Back-to-School sales will soon leave store shelves void of backpacks, notebooks and other school

Planting Trees and Good Ideas

Spring is a time for planting: both trees and important ideas! Growing Climate Solutions has been doing both in April and May. Prior to Earth Day,

Beyond Green with Cheney Landscaping

Landscaping at its best supports native plants and trees that flourish with minimal maintenance and climate-friendly practices. Such is the aspiration for Growing Climate Solutions Partner

Think Thrift This Summer

Gone are the days when shopping for pre-owned clothing is stigmatized; thrift shops now outpace many traditional stores. According to Forbes Magazine, 64% of women

Home Improvement Financing Can Be Affordable

With growing inflation and interest rates rising, homeowners are looking for smart ways to save money.  Reducing the energy costs by installing efficient air conditioning

Sanibel-Captiva Meets to Inform and Invite Public Input on Renewable Energy

Days before the Sanibel City Council met to discuss their city’s Strategic Plan, the Sanibel-Captiva Renewable Energy Group held a public community meeting on the

The Relationship Between Climate and Justice

By Deneine Powell, Director of ecoAmerica’s Path to Positive Program We are watching the impacts of climate change unfold outside of our very windows. It

Does Climate Change Stress You Out?

The benefits of engaging in climate-friendly activities often extend beyond supporting a healthier environment, according to an emerging sector of mental health professionals known as

Naples Compost: Turning Trash into Treasure

Growing Climate Solutions welcomes Naples Compost as a new Leadership Partner. Offering both commercial composting services as well as backyard compost consultations, Naples Compost provides

Earth Day and Beyond

On April 22nd the environment takes center stage as Southwest Florida joins communities around the world to celebrate Earth Day. Founded in 1970, to call attention to
Worker at Lipman Family Farms uses sustainable growing practices

Partner Spotlight: Lipman Farms

The careful cultivation of America’s food supply involves precise monitoring and management of resources. That’s why Lipman Family Farms, North American grower and distributor of

Meeting Three 2022 Goals

February kicks off the 2022 SWFL Climate Compass series, a three-part series of national speakers taking on climate and food, oceans and transportation. Since late
wine pouring into glass

Should we “Wine” About Climate Change?

Ana Puszkin-Chevlin, Ph.D., Regional Director, Growing Climate Solutions Photo credit – Apolo Photographer via Unsplashed   With Naples Winter Wine Festival scheduled to take place
Florida Friendly landscape sign in yard

Florida-Friendly Landscaping to the Rescue

By: Kamila Perez, Senior Environmental Specialist 2022 Lunar New Year celebrations begin on February 1st, signifying the beginning of spring planting season for communities around
Bowl of USDA organic curry food

What does USDA Organic Mean?

by Bridget Washburn Climate savvy shoppers seeking seasonal, local, and organically grown foods enjoy a variety of choices here in Southwest Florida. Purchasing local and

Labeled…Certifications for Eco-Savvy Shopping

By Bridget Washburn ‘Tis the season for cooking, sharing, and giving – a season to “shop till you drop”. This year, whether facing the crowds
Six Growing Climate Solutions employees discuss holiday 2022 plans at SWFL Resilience meeting

Holiday Round-Up and 2022 Plans

In December, we kick-off of our new Y&HOW Sustainable Living Workshops, a series of one-hour virtual meetings focused on practical and actionable things residents and
Woman speaking at the UN Climate Change Conference in the UK during 2021

Citizens Climate Lobby Attends COP26

PHOTO: CCI Board Member and Latin America Regional Coordinator Isatis Cintrón addressed the high-level segment with a call to respect the rights and the role
group of Growing Climate Solutions volunteers helping plant palm trees

As we approach fall, here’s what’s happening..

The start of October lets us bid farewell to the hottest average temperatures seen in the past 125 years –  placing Summer 2021 “neck and
League of women voters of collier county logo

Collier County’s League of Women Voters are Active on Climate

by Alison Wescott With over 500,000 members nationwide and 29 local leagues across Florida, the League of Women Voters (LWV) serves as a powerhouse for
Child smiling next to pumpkin in her living room

Seeds and All

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Outside of house with windows open

Shade Makes Everyone Cool

A recent NOAA headline read that July 2021 was the hottest month ever recorded globally. And while today’s calendar announces the beginning of autumn, scorching
Climate change 2021 the physical science basis

The IPCC 6th Assessment Report: the Truth, Plain and Not So Simple

The IPCC report was released on August 9th. If you don’t have the patience to read the 1300 page document or even the 40-page executive
Closeup of good food like kidney and black beans

Plant Food is Good Food

The food we eat is a matter where health and environmental sustainability converge. That’s because food production contributes approximately one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions,
group of three people planting a tree

Two Projects Completed and Now Planning for Next Season

August is upon us, and as families wind down vacations and kids return to school, at Growing Climate Solutions we are completing 2020-21 projects and

Leadership Circle Partners Principles Document

LEADERSHIP CIRCLE PRINCIPLES As visionary leaders of business, civic, government, health, education, faith, and community organizations, we take shared responsibility for protecting our natural environment and
Climate first bank logo

Climate First Banks Opens in St. Petersburg

We all know that we can make climate-positive choices by selecting sustainable products, but you can also support climate action by how you invest and
Carbotura Direct Carbon Sequestration Diagram DCS

Gravitas Infinitum’s Carbotura Will Sequester CO2 with Hemp

Gravitas Infinitum, a Naples-based impact holding company focused on companies and projects that provide positive environmental impacts, is one of Growing Climate Solution’s new 2021
Dining Al Fresco on the Ave

Cities Innovate on Sustainability:Observations from Cleveland and New York

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Growing Climate Solutions partners with Girl Scouts of Gulfcoast Florida to Launch Climate Change Patch

We are pleased to see this great coverage about our recent success in developing a Climate Change Patch in partnership with the Girl Scouts of
yellow flowering Poinciana tree

Onward and Upward – Tree Planting, Climate Summits, Partnerships and More!

In Southwest Florida, the arrival of June brings afternoon showers and sweltering temperatures, more leisurely summer days….and the not-so-anticipated onset of the annual hurricane season.
Wall street style ticker that reads invest responsibly

Sustainable Investing: Making Money and Doing the Right Thing

By Andrew Hill, CFA   Sustainability has been a buzzword in recent years as more people understand the importance of minimizing our impact on the
Young girl smiling and playing with two dolls

Not Playing Around – Toys Go Green

By Bridget Washburn Any climate-concerned parent of young children should be thrilled that toy manufacturer Matel recently announced its intent to collect, reuse and recycle
green Northern Trust logo

Northern Trust Creates Culture of Sustainability

By Bina Kumar, Vice President of Regional Marketing, Northern Trust  Northern Trust recognizes that the long-term viability of our business and our clients is tied
Banner that reads 2021 Southwest Florida Climate Summit

Highlights from the SWFL Climate Summit

Southwest Florida is moving forward on objectively assessing challenges posed by a changing climate, and how to socialize topics of climate preparedness and resilience among
Relative sea level change projections chart

It’s Time to Start Planning for Renewable Energy

By Bob Moore, Sanibel has begun an important planning process. In 2019, the city commissioned a study by FGCU professor, Michael Savarese, to understand the
blue electric car charging at station

Driving Climate Solutions: Electric Vehicle Propulsion

Ed Maxwell and Bridget Washburn “It’s quiet, convenient, and my kids love it! After a couple of years of just plugging my car into the
large solar panel roof

Let the Sunshine In! Conservancy of Southwest Florida Adds Solar Capacity

With an average of 270 sunny days, Southwest Florida lives up to the State’s reputation as “the Sunshine State”.  An endless supply of solar power
Small rabbit outside

Springing Forward in 2021

Photo Credit Erin Williams Photography April is typically a busy month for sustainability, climate initiatives, and professionals, with Earth Day celebrated on April 22, the
Share the ride flyer about improving the commuter experience

Improving the Commuter Experience

COVID resulted in approximately 30% of the workforce working from home on a daily basis, and another 25% of workers telecommuting at least occasionally. Most
Headshot of speaker Bob Inglis

Recapping ” A Conservative Approach to Solving Climate Change”

During the inaugural event of SWFL Climate Compass series, Bob Inglis made a compelling case for implementing a nation-wide carbon tax that would be revenue-neutral
blue up and orange down arrows in the middle of the woods

This or That Challenge: Climate Change Edition

By: Marissa Spraker,  FGCU student and SWFL Climate Ambassador, February 12th, 2021 We all know that climate change has become a huge topic of conversation
Banner of Growing Climate Solutions Path to Positive Event Series

How the SWFL Climate Compass Series, Local Media and You Can Catalyze a Public Dialogue on Climate

Planning for our SWFL Climate Compass Speaker Series is well underway! The goal of the SWFL Climate Compass Series was to attract folks who typically
Norman Love colorful chocolates in a box

Valentine’s Day Sweets: Cocoa and Climate Change

Valentine’s Day is about the truest of loves—chocolate! As you reach for that box of bonbons in the heart-shaped red velvet box or your favorite
Letters to the editor with port Charlotte Sun logo

Climate Solutions Benefit Us All – Letter to Port Charlotte Sun Editors

Response to “Let’s Call the Climate Change Bluff” December 21, 2020 by Ed Maxwell, Ph.D. Business Owner and SWFL Climate Ambassador, Dec. 26, 2020 Dear
Book open to map of USA

Real Estate Investing for 2050

After a decade of talking about the risks climate change poses to Florida real estate,  I’ve now started to consider where to buy land to
Houses on The Beach with Solar Panels

Help Build Momentum for the SWFL Regional Resiliency Compact

Written in by Tom Bierma and Growing Climate Solutions  Throughout the fall, FGCU Professor Mike Savarese met with elected officials in the region, urging them
Growing Climate Solutions screenshot of website for Path to Positive Southwest Florida

December Newsletter – 2020

The last newsletter of the year offers tips for sustainable holidays, a summary of climate and environmental measures passed during the November election, and a
25 members of Growing Climate Solutions meet over Zoom to discuss training

Climate Ambassadors Help Make Change Happen

To move communities to climate action citizens need to engage their city council and state legislature meetings (virtually at this time.  Citizen engagement works, as
Christmas cookies

Hang on, 2021 is Just Around the Corner

For many of us, 2021 can’t come soon enough. Growing Climate Solutions is also excited for the new year. We have ambitious programs planned for
Hands hold Wrapped Holiday gift above workbench with wrapping supplies

Towards a Zero-Waste Holiday: Your Questions Answered

By Sarah E. Swiersz Amidst all of the holiday buzz, you may be wondering how to make more sustainable choices, and particularly cut down on
Water flowing down a river in the forest

Right to Clean Water Charter Amendment is Now Law

by Linda Sechrist, President of SWFL RESET Center On Election Day, 89% of Orange County voters turned their Right to Clean Water Charter Amendment into
Clouds from above

Having Plan B

A tenet of Growing Climate Solutions is that stakeholders who understand the reason the climate is changing, the magnitude of climate impacts, and the various
Yellow and orange dollar signs on dark background

Resiliency Bonds on November’s Ballot

Two cities on Florida’s southeast coast are moving forward climate adaptation with the passage of general obligation bond referendums earmarked for resiliency projects.  In Miami
I-75 Highway filled with gridlocked telecommuting traffic

Rx for the Earth: Telecommuting

by Stephanie Petrakos, guest contributor It’s hard to believe that 2021 is around the corner. Looking back, 2020 will be remembered as a year of
Video preview that reads Climate control how we broke the planet's

Paleontology say that adaptation has always been Humans’ key to Climate Change Survival

Professor Uno, a paleontologist at Columbia University’s Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory makes a compelling case as to how homosapiens have survived previous climate change episodes
Growing Climate Solutions October 2020 newsletter

Newsletter, Volume 1 Issue 4

October’s Newsletter featured unique articles on recycling right in SWFL, the carbon footprint of the fashion industry, the changing nature of work environments, and our
Winding path with old oak trees and open space

Conserving Open-Space is a Climate Solution

Land conservation is one of the most critical, and least discussed climate mitigation options.  Conserving natural open spaces is fundamental to climate resilience on various
interior of antique car with teal accents

Glancing in the Rearview, Full Speed Ahead

At the beginning of our second year, we take a moment to look back on what we’ve accomplished and where we go next. For the
Map of Southwest Regional Resiliency Compact in Florida State

Let’s Support the Southwest Regional Resiliency Compact

Since the 1980s, the direct cost of hurricane events in the US has increased eleven-fold, from $3.8 billion annually to $43.8 billion annually in 2020.
Three types of waste bins paper plastic metal glass landfill

If to Toss, Where to Toss? That is the Question: Recycling Right in SWFL

By Sarah Swiersz A recent graduate of the University of Central Florida and lifelong resident of SWFL Recycling is arguably the baseball or apple pie
Growing Climate Solutions office space with desk and bookshelf

Where We Work

  Labor Day was designated to acknowledge the Labor Movement’s victories to reform the American workplace; the creation of the 8-hour workday, the 40-hour workweek,
Woman wearing green fashion dress holding Christmas colored ornaments

Making Green the New Fashion Color

Society’s passion for fashion, it turns out, contributes 4% of global greenhouse gases emitted annually, 2.1 billion tons, which is more than the combined annual
Smiley face art on sidewalk with two pairs of white shoes

ecoAmerica notes the “Fierce Optimism of Now”

By Jennifer Roberts, Director of Path to Positive Communities The past months of crisis have brought forward many wrenching, heartbreaking stories about the challenges that
Growing Climate Solutions August 2020 Newsletter

Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 3

The August Newsletter is here!   This issue features four original articles: one about the Bi-partisan Growing Climate Solutions Act, a green-lifestyle piece about Apps that
photo of Sanibel schoolhouse with antique desks

Teaching 21st Century Social Studies

By Dr.  Ana Puszkin-Chevlin This August, as parents, teachers, and school districts struggle to decide how to safely educate our children during a raging pandemic,
plants hanging on wall in colorful recycled cans and jars

Establishing Roots

Summer is typically a time to regroup, re-refresh and plan for “Season”.  But summer 2020 has been different.  Because the spring was spent reorganizing and
Farm rows of corn and wheat

What’s in a Name? The New Growing Climate Solutions Act Aims to Grow Carbon Credit Markets

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German iphone screen with apps and push notifications


By Kiah St. Onge Yergi Changing habits is hard.  Many people find support and success with the use of assistive technology.  Like Fitbits and Weight
cartoon graphic of donkey and elephant dancing together

Irrespective of Party Affiliation, Floridians believe in Climate Change

  These days it seems difficult to find common ground among Republicans and Democrats, but one thing we now know, Floridians overwhelming agree that climate
Flooding from heavy rain

Three SWFL Cities May be Underestimating Flood Risk

Three Southwest Florida cities may be significantly underestimating their flood risk, according to new data produced First Street Foundation’s Flood Factor model.  The Flood Factor
Empty three-lane highway because of telecommuting

One Climate Solution: Encourage More Telecommuting

The public health and economic crises that have unfolded since March and the calls for social justice that erupted in June have upended the status
Growing Climate Solutions June 2020 Newsletter

Newsletter Vol. 1 Issue 2.

Despite COVID-19, Growing Climate Solutions continues to grow and advance its climate program! Read our June newsletter to learn about the SWFL Climate Ambassador Program
25 members of Growing Climate Solutions meet over Zoom to discuss training

SWFL Climate Ambassadors Complete Training

Our first cohort of SWFL Climate Ambassadors completed the 3-hour training program in May and are now ready to engage the public in climate discussions. 
Young woman outside in the sunlight prays with clasped hands

Shhhh and Listen

 Shhhhh Everyone and Listen By Ana Puszkin-Chevlin, Ph.D. May 22, 2020 On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, in April 2020, cities around the world
earth with curved blue lines on the top and bottom

Montreal, Kyoto and Paris – an overview of international climate accords

By Kiah St. Onge-Yergi, Intern and Sandra Mollinedo, FGCU Student The Montreal Protocol, 1987 The Montreal Protocol termed the “Montreal Protocol on Substances that Depleted
bike lane sign in the road with lane markers

Repurposing Streets: Replacing cars with socially-distanced people

Across the globe, stay at home orders and social distancing requirements are making transportation planners and public officials re-think how street infrastructure can better serve
phone next to laptop with Facebook open

Announcing SWFL Climate Ambassador Training Program

May 27th & May 28th from 3:00-4:30 pm Growing Climate Solutions: Path to Positive Southwest Florida, through their partner ecoAmerica, is excited to offer a
Bird sitting on tree branch outdoors

Global Warming Changes Bird Migration Patterns

by Kiah St. Onge-Yergi, Growing Climate Solutions Intern This past weekend I walked the CREW Marsh Trails with my dog to break-up my self-isolation with
Growing Climate Solutions April 2020 Newsletter

Newsletter Vol.1 Issue 1

We’ve been busy in 2020! Read our newsletter and learn about Growing Climate Solutions: Path to Positive Southwest Florida’s activities and impact. It also features
Image of person Washing Hands in bathroom sink

Don’t Let COVID-19 Drain Us

Conserving water while washing your hands is important. In the face of the Convid-19 Pandemic washing your hands more frequently is vital, especially: After interactions
Man talking at Growing Climate Solutions conference

Growing Climate Solutions convenes Leadership Circle to begin developing solutions for Southwest Florida’s changing climate

An influential group of leaders from across Southwest Florida has begun outlining action steps as the region addresses the impacts of its changing climate. Growing
Growing Climate Solutions Regional Director speaks to Naples Press Club

Growing Climate Solutions Regional Director Speaks to Naples Press Club

We were privileged to speak to the @pressclubswfl in February to introduce ourselves to the organization and the region. Our Executive Director, Dr. Ana Puszkin-Chevlin,
Green globe sitting in grass shows dire need for climate change action

Antarctic warming shows dire need for climate change action

It is important to pay attention to the impacts of climate change across the globe, not just in Southwest Florida. Recently, Antarctica warmed to temperatures
Collage of photos shows Growing Climate Solutions expands in Southwest Florida

Growing Climate Solutions expands in Southwest Florida

We can ALL do something about climate change – and we need to do it now. Growing Climate Solutions: Path to Positive Southwest Florida was