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As visionary leaders of business, civic, government, health, education, faith, and community organizations, we take shared responsibility for protecting our natural environment and preserving the current and future prosperity and health of our region.

Growing Climate Solutions: Path to Positive Southwest Florida is a regional initiative aimed to engage our diverse local communities to grow public support and political will for climate solutions and resilience.  As Leadership Circle members we form a network of local organizations, leaders, and citizens that support the protection of our natural environment, the prosperity and health of our community, and the education and empowerment of all community members to engage and act on solutions in the face of a changing climate and its impacts in Southwest Florida.

As a Leadership Circle member, I commit to educate myself and to help others understand the links between climate, health, and prosperity; the spectrum of climate solutions and their costs and benefits; and, the opportunities and responsibility to act and advocate.

I support the mission and principles of Growing Climate Solutions: Path to Positive Southwest Florida and will play an active role in cultivating its partner network. I will work to inspire my colleagues, the organizations which I lead, policymakers and the public, to act on climate solutions that will protect our natural resources, improve the health of our families and communities, and ensure a prosperous, just, and resilient future for our region. I will participate in up to calls per year and one annual event.


________________________________                    _______________________________

Signature                                                                   Name/ Title



_________________________________                  ______/_______/ 2021






As a Leadership Circle Partner, I allow:                                                                                                                                                            Please initial

Growing Climate Solutions to list, me and my organization on the Partners page of their website and out-reach material.       —————

Growing Climate Solutions to place my organization’s logo on the Partners page of their website and out-reach material.       ————–

Growing Climate Solutions logo and hyperlink to be included in an appropriate place of my organization’s webpage and social media outreach.  —————

Growing Climate Solutions to coordinate with the following senior staff person in my organization on projects, policies, and events we undertake as a Working Partner of Growing Climate Solutions.  __________.


Staff Point Person  ________________________________

Title                        ________________________________














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