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Collage of photos shows Growing Climate Solutions expands in Southwest Florida

Growing Climate Solutions expands in Southwest Florida

We can ALL do something about climate change – and we need to do it now. Growing Climate Solutions: Path to Positive Southwest Florida was launched as a collaborative initiative focused on engaging the community to build public awareness and support for climate solutions and resilience. Together, we can protect our region’s natural resources and get on a “path to positive” future.

The first step is to learn more: visit us here, check out information on the latest science on climate and innovative approaches communities are taking to tackle the problem, and learn more about topics such as clean energy, green living, environmentally responsible investing, clean transportation technology and more.

Over the coming months, we will host and partner to host sustainability and climate change events across Southwest Florida, and to partner with the businesses and organizations that can help us build awareness and protect our region’s natural resources.

Whether you are an individual concerned about the impacts of climate change on Southwest Florida, or an organization ready to make changes toward a better future, we are excited to engage with you!


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