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Gravitas Infinitum’s Carbotura Will Sequester CO2 with Hemp

Gravitas Infinitum, a Naples-based impact holding company focused on companies and projects that provide positive environmental impacts, is one of Growing Climate Solution’s new 2021 partners.   The firm builds and acquires companies that they view as: 1) transitioning society from a linear extractive economy into a circular regenerative one; 2) meeting their rigorous ESG/SDG objectives, and;) financially viable and responsible for their investors and stakeholders.

Gravitas’ current portfolio includes T4L (Transportation for Life) a transportation subscription service based on a fleet of Tesla and other electric vehicles, and Carbotura, a carbon and plastic waste capture project based on vertical farming and processing of hemp plants.  The Carbotura project, which they have been developing for the past 2 years, was recently featured by Just Have a Think, a popular YouTube channel.  The informative video piece on ‘Hemp conversion to graphene and diamond. Smart Carbon Capture?’ provides a clear and well-illustrated explanation of this new carbon-capture technology and its commercial product applications. The 15-minute video provides a glimpse into the emerging technologies that may help humanity mitigate carbon emissions; and the fact that a local SWFL company is literally…Growing Climate Solutions, should inspire us all to think about how our region can become a hub of climate resilience innovation.

Tyler Wood, Gravitas’ Director of ESG & Sustainability, tells us they are in the final site selection for southwest Florida’s first facility.  Building will start later this year. Each facility is anticipated to bio-remediate 13 million gallons of water per day and capture up to 350 tons of atmospheric carbon while producing high-value biomaterial outputs, including their trademarked Bio-Graphene.  (If you don’t know what Graphene is, you’re not alone, here is an explanatory video) Tyler believes Carbotura will emerge as one of the largest graphene producers in the world.  “We have interest from around the world to scale these facilities.   Evolutions of our modular facilities can eliminate up to 80,000 tons of plastic waste annually as well” he states. Carbortura is also engaging with the US Dept of Energy to help scale facilities across the US. They completed a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) assessment and received a 96.8% score with the average benchmark in the US receiving a 37%.

Gravitas Infinitum has obtained institutional support and will be issuing a High Yield Green Bond for accredited investors in the coming weeks, according to the management team. The support from local and international climate change leaders they believe has propelled them into the forefront of carbon capture and climate change solutions.  The future applications and evolutions will continue to advance carbon negative bio-materials derived from atmospheric carbon in a zero-waste, closed-loop environment that will create green jobs for generations to come. Learn more about our new partner at



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