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Climate change will affect all of us in Southwest Florida and ALL of us can do something about it. Fortunately, 91 percent of Southwest Floridians agree and believe we all have a responsibility to create safe and healthy communities for ourselves and our children. From the type of transportation we use, to what we eat, buy and throw out, most of our daily decisions impact our climate and environment. Growing Climate Solutions serves to encourage practices that protect our natural resources and reduce our impact on the environment.

Organizations that embrace and promote our initiative and commit to addressing our climate challenges through at least three new actions each year are encouraged to sign a pledge and become a working partner. We can help you develop policies, plan implementation and celebrate your successes.

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The first step to becoming a leader in climate action is to learn more about how climate change impacts us, and about the positive steps you can take to counter these impacts and help build a healthier future for Southwest Florida.

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For Community Leaders

Local leaders are essential partners in building strong, prosperous and livable communities. That leadership extends to climate action. Community and business leaders can often be the most effective voices for change, and the impact of their visible leadership and actions cannot be understated. By visibly supporting climate action and adopting sustainable policies they become role models that others emulate.


The Path to Positive Communities program, part of ecoAmerica, provides resources for leaders in key areas to begin the climate change conversation and lead their communities and organizations toward meaningful action.

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For Faith Leaders

People of faith share a responsibility to care for God’s creation and one another. Climate change impacts all of
us, but especially underserved populations that people of faith are called to serve.


The Blessed Tomorrow program provides resources for faith leaders to engage their communities in meaningful conversation, action and advocacy for climate solutions.

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For Health Professionals

Climate change affects our health. Furthermore, at-risk populations like children and the elderly will be impacted even more seriously by rising heat levels, declining air quality and poor water quality. Health professionals can have a tremendous positive impact on climate resilience, as individuals listen to medical professionals as trusted advisors. Their engagement can help prevent illness and save lives.


The Climate for Health program offers tools and resources to help health professionals demonstrate climate leadership.

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For Citizens

Growing Climate Solutions: Path to Positive is proud to call Southwest Florida home. One of the best ways to learn about climate change and put your education into action is to engage close to home. Residents young and old can support our mission by signing up as a supporter, adopting sustainable practices in your daily life and sharing your beliefs and commitments to climate resilience with family, friends and neighbors.


Our website strives to be a clearinghouse of information on how to reduce your carbon footprint, lead a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, and participate in fun local programs and activities that help our environment.


Through ecoAmerica’s Ambassadors Training Program you can be trained to be a more effective climate communicator to bring the message of climate awareness and action to others in the community. We will organize Ambassador Trainings for those who are interested in speaking to others in their neighborhoods, book clubs, sports clubs or professional organizations about climate solutions they too can support.

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