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Climate Compass Series

Watch recordings from previous Southwest Florida Climate Compass events featuring nationally recognized speakers who highlight unique perspectives on how the changing climate impacts our world.

Leading The Electrification

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Ford Motor Company is committed to fighting climate change, investing more than $30 billion through 2025 to electrify its most iconic nameplates. Ford is getting real traction with its Ford+ plan, doing the hard work to reinvent itself for this new era and break constraints to lead the electric revolution at scale. In the process, Ford is reimagining how electric vehicles – and the batteries that power them – are designed, manufactured and recycled as part of an ultra-efficient, carbon-neutral electric vehicle manufacturing ecosystem. Learn how Ford is doing its part to address climate change and accelerate progress to net-zero no later than 2050 by reducing emissions in three areas that account for approximately 95% of its carbon emissions: vehicle use, manufacturing and supply chain, and ensuring that no one is left behind.

Unequivocal & Unprecedented Climate Change In The Ocean

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The science of climate change is clear: human activity undeniably causes rapid planetary changes in climate unlike anything in recorded history. Climate change is fundamentally altering systems in the ocean, Florida’s backyard and playground, and Floridians are feeling its effects. Fortunately, Florida’s citizens and communities are mobilizing to address ocean-associated climate change and sustain the region’s natural treasures for future generations. Learn about what is happening to our ocean systems and what actions can be taken.

The coastal real estate reckoning is already happening

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Is a U.S. coastal housing bubble bursting? Under most climate forecasts, the question is not if but when property values will reflect expected sea level rise. In this talk, will describe research on how climate change is affecting housing and mortgage markets in coastal Florida, one of the most vulnerable coastline in the world with over 300,000 homes worth over $145 billion at risk to sea level rise. Solutions to restore confidence in coastal markets include substantial infrastructure improvements and asset repositioning to address the reality of rising seas.

The Nexus Of Climate, Oceans and

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Climate change and harmful maritime activity are stressing our ocean planet and our nation, which in turn are diminishing our security and prosperity in many, interconnected ways. These impacts are compounded by increases in global population and associated competition for resources. Rear Admiral (Ret.) Jon White describes the impact of these threats to our national security and what is being done (and what more can be done) to enable a secure and sustainable future for us all.

A Conservative Approach To Solving Climate Change

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It’s time for conservatives to step up and offer a free-enterprise solution to solve our nation’s climate challenges. And it’s important to get this right before the government gets it wrong – again. Free enterprise in the form of a revenue-neutral, border-adjustable carbon tax can lead the way. Bob Inglis is helping lead a bipartisan path forward on climate by engaging and building an EcoRight community of conservatives focused on a free-enterprise solution to climate change. 

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